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"Audrey did an incredible job helping me find and purchase my first ever home..she was just as excited about it as I was, she was caring and always checking on me through the entire process..I would highly recommend Audrey for the purchase of any home and if I ever do decide to sell, she will be the
"Tyler was amazing! He was so accommodating and honest. Such a fantastic guy! He helped find us exactly what we needed and wanted!! We will definitely refer him to everyone. I also appreciated his sense of humor and putting up with 3 of us squabbling.."
"Tyler was amazing in every step of the process. As first time home buyers, he was patient and explained things we needed answers to. He was very responsive, flexible, and attentive. Tyler is very laid back, funny, and goes with the flow- which is exactly what we needed. We cannot recommend him enou
"Haylee did an amazing job with the purchase of the home! We got a great deal on it with a lower price than it was listed for and she helped us get some credits to help with closing costs. It was in the winter as well and Haylee was instrumental in coordinating all aspects of closing, getting the var
"While I haven't had the opportunity to utilize Sage's expertise yet, I certainly plan to when the timing is right for me. He's kind, knowledgeable about real estate transactions and strategies, and won't try and pressure you into a decision just to make a sale. I highly recommend him to my friends a